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4U Furniture closets and wardrobes are characterized by special sustainability. We use only well-known manufacturers’ materials (eg. Sevroll systems) and we never cut costs when it comes to construction elements, that is why our closets are especially sturdy and solid. We do our best so that our closets and wardrobes are most functional, aesthetical and elegant at the same time. We guarantee that our furniture will be a real decoration for every room. Our standard type closets and wardrobes are made of 18 mm thick laminated chipboard. Such chipboard does it best inside closets. When it comes to outside elements, we offer lacquered board (matt, halfmatt or gloss) or veneer-faced board. Sliding closet doors are usually made in aluminium frames with materials such as standard MDF, veneer-faced board, glass, lacobel or mirror.  



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What sets us apart from our competitors, is our production process. We provide you with a possibility of full concept individualization of your kitchen and neighbouring rooms. Unlike standard bespoke furniture ours is fitted to the room with attention to all customer’s needs. Furniture designs are made by experienced architects, whereas materials and arrangement for furniture are aesthetically fitted with special attention to ergonomic principles.

We have a great range of available materials so that we can offer our customers unique and exquisite pieces. We can also design and make doors of absolutely exclusive closets made in any technology using glass, metal, timber, ceramics of rare shape and texture.

Thanks to developed techniques as well as modern technology we can offer you exceptional quality furniture in acceptable price, which is a valuable offer for you. We look forward to help you with your enquiries.